Mareverve Espadrilles
Easy, creative and fun, our espadrilles are caringly hand made in the region of La Rioja in Spain, the original birthplace of the espadrille. Through the work of local artisans, experts in this ultra centenary tradition, our products achieve the highest standards of quality and durability. They are brought together with fine and sustainable materials, our exceptional cottons fabrics, sewn on a natural jute sole.

Our mission, our promise: by buying our products, you not only make a purchase, but a statement.

In a fast paced, developing world old traditions are often discarded without much reflection on the cultural loss that is suffered. Aware of the progressively globalized way of living, we stand for what is unique, local and deeply engraved for centuries in the lives of those who uphold the teachings of their fathers.

In the hope that you too, will be won over by the beauty and diversity that our products allude to, we offer you a distinctly original piece of clothing.

Marevere was inspired by the concept of globally exporting the outfits of locals in order to promote their culture and enable them to pursue a better future.

Our products are developed through a combination of ethnic craftsmanship and aesthetic creativity. We combine traditional clothing and textiles, often reinventing them to make something traditional but with a touch of difference.
In crafting our shoes we unite patterns derived from South East Asia and South America, with the workmanship of shoemakers from La Rioja, Spain.